Bananasaurus Rex. Video games. Speed Running. Scum. variety streamer, speed runner & world record holder

Frequently Asked Questions

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When do you stream?
Can I suggest games to play, music for the stream, etc.?
Can I be a mod? How can I become a mod?
Can I suggest a highlight?

Speed running

What do 'Any%', 'Low%' and other %s mean?
Are glitches allowed in speed runs?
Do speed runs have to be done on a certain version of the game to be legitimate? Do runs on old, unpatched versions count?
What are splits? What is a gold or glod split?
What is an 'eggplant run'?


What controller do you use?


Do you accept steam games as gifts?
What games have you/do you speed run?
What are your personal bests?


How old are you? Where do you live? What is your real name?
How long have you been speed running? What is the first game that you did speed runs of?
How long have you been livestreaming?
What do you look like? Will you ever do a facecam?
Can I add you on steam?
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