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No spoilers or backseat gaming.

Please try to avoid spoilers and backseating. This includes guesses (whether you’ve played the game or not), as well as answering train of thought questions like “wait, what hit me there?” When Rex wants help, he will very clearly ask and will say the safe word: “vulva”.

No discrimination or inconsiderate language.

Everyone should feel welcome here. Racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, etc. are not allowed. Try not to use words that might be insensitive to marginalized groups (e.g. using ‘gay’ to mean ‘bad’.) We like to joke around with one another here, but know the limits and be sure to keep the chat a friendly place for everyone.

Links are usually fine, with some exceptions.

Anything against the twitch terms of service is not allowed. This includes porn and anything illegal. No self-promotion without permission, but fan art and anything relevant to the conversation is generally okay. If you’re unsure about a link, feel free to ask a mod first.

Please message rex or a moderator if you feel that a timeout was unfair or a mistake.

Discussing timeouts in chat makes for a negative vibe and possible arguing that we want to avoid, so please don’t question mod decisions in the chat.

Common sense!

Obviously not every possible wrongdoing can be covered by these rules, so try to use common sense, and bear in mind that the mods have the right to time someone out for situation-specific things that are not necessarily covered by this list.

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